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We Belong Beautifully to Nature

June 1, 2022

Beauty is the sensing of spirit in all things, animate and so-called inanimate, and can be found everywhere if only we learn the art of noticing. A shifting, shoaling shoreline of constant tidal motion may teach us the beauty of impermanence, while the personal world of a crocus flower may help us to reimagine the Spring within our depths.

We belong beautifully to nature; the body knows this belonging, even when the mind has forgotten. "Landscape is not all external," says John O'Donohue, "some has crept inside the soul. Human presence is infused with landscape."

*Each of the images in the gallery are available for purchase as prints and framed prints. 

We Belong Beautifully to Nature: Exhibitions
Nature_Feb 26 2021_68.jpg
We Belong Beautifully to Nature: Portfolio

Design Elements

We Belong Beautifully to Nature: Text
We Belong Beautifully to Nature: Current Exhibitions

Paper Size

All photographs are available in a choice of popular paper sizes:


  • 15 x 10” 

  • 18 x 12” 

  • Custom


*These sizes are based on the standard 3:2 photograph aspect ratio. Non-standard aspect ratio (e.g., square or panoramic format) image sizes will differ. All dimensions are approximate.

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