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The Mindful Photographer

If we think about what photography can be, beyond the click of the shutter or the sophisticated capturing of a flat piece of memory, to the deepening of feeling. Practiced thoughtfully, photography has the tremendous potential to help us cultivate clarity, curiosity, compassion, calm, and confidence. 

Photographer Melissa Knowles brings mindful photography, education, and exhibits to her local community on Martha's Vineyard, and throughout New England, New York, and overseas.

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Imagine yourself, a photographer takes an interest in you, photographs you, relates to you, and you to them. Photographs can be made with healing intention, used to change people, so that neither the photographer or the person being photographed is the same again. 

~ John Diamond, M.D.

Melissa is an English photographer, artist, teacher, and researcher living on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. She explores photography's ability to improve wellbeing and larger social value, helping individuals, groups, and organizations do the same.

She began her career assisting the late John Diamond, M.D., a pioneer in the field of holistic healing, who used his experience in medicine, psychiatry, complementary medicine, the humanities, holism, applied kinesiology, acupuncture theory, spirituality, the arts, and photography to help sufferers overcome problems relating to body, mind, and spirit. 

She studied as an artist, teacher, and arts-in-health specialist in London, New York, and Australia, focusing her practice around the visual arts' therapeutic and social value. Since then, she has traveled internationally to engage others in photography as a way to live our lives more fully and fearlessly. She creates helpful, lasting images celebrating individuals, families, and communities and raising awareness around social and environmental crises. At the forefront of her work is improving our connection with nature for the mutual health of people and the planet.

Her work incorporates insights that reflect her ongoing interests in meditation, healing, philosophy, mediumship, spirituality, and matrifocal cultures, and tries to reconnect to what Joseph Campbell calls "the song of the imagination," something that can relate you to your nature and to the natural world of which you're a part.

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