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Fine Art & Humanitarian Photographer
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Melissa Knowles is an aspiring professional photographer, who lets life spontaneously unfold before the lens, capturing those fleeting, intimate moments that reveal something of the human heart and personality. 


Her humanitarian assignments interweave visual anthropology, exhibit design and education, and are developed in partnership with individuals, schools, healthcare, media, environmental organizations, and humanitarian international and local NGOs to create projects for individual and community empowerment. 


She is currently enrolled in a long-distance Master's program in Visual & Media Anthropology at HMKW University in Berlin, defends children's rights with Media Voices for Children, and has recently joined the team at Randi Baird Photography on Martha's Vineyard.  

Humanitarian Photography

Melissa's humanitarian photographs — which explore issues around poverty, children's human rights, education, mental health, and indigenous voices bring audiences into a powerful and direct relationship with each individual... the very essence of what moves us to help others. 

Sensitive to the dynamics in a person's life and the therapeutic potential of photography, Melissa help's people to feel animated before the lens, their everyday activities taking on more meaning, affirming that what makes them who they are matters. 


In her mentoring, Melissa's wholly reciprocal approach gives those she works with the confidence to communicate themselves fluently through the camera.

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