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Portraits from Precious Primary School, Tanzania, for Justice for Africa's Children.

September 20th, 2022 @ 3pm - 4.30pm
866 United Nations Plaza, New York

Join Laureates & Leaders to accelerate an end to child labour & realise the rights to education & social protection for Africa's children.


  • HE Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister, Sweden 2014-2021

  • Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate

  • Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Laureate

  • Kerry Kennedy, President, RFK Human Right​

Africa’s children are in crisis. Over 88 million children in sub-Saharan Africa are in child labour - a rise of 16 million from 2016. Africa now has more child labourers than the rest of the world combined. 98 million children are out of school in the same region. This is the latest data - and it is from 2019, well before the global pandemic locked over a billion children out of education, and the world’s unfair response to COVID forced millions more families into extreme poverty. 

How did we get here? Enormous increases in global wealth have been made at the expense of Africa - where average wealth decreased in the same period. Unfair budget allocations and selective policy implementation within African countries has kept the most marginalised families trapped in extreme poverty. Deep-rooted and systemic exploitation and discrimination - internationally and nationally - are perpetuating extreme poverty across sub-Saharan Africa, and children are being hit the hardest. 

We are at a crossroads in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals - and the deadline to end child labour is 2025. We can no longer ignore this ongoing discrimination, nor can we afford to neglect the future of millions of Africa’s children.Join Laureates and Leaders for Children at this critical event to accelerate action to end discrimination against Africa’s children. ‘Justice for Africa’s Children’ will explore the compelling need for justice, including justice in realising the rights to education and social protection, and make a new call for justice for Africa and her children.

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