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  • Melissa Knowles

Flowering of Life

Updated: May 6

With each picture, I am brought back to Joanna Macy's words...

" ... Earth is not a supply house and a sewer. It is our larger body. We breathe it. We taste it. We are it. And it is time now that we venerate that incredible flowering of life that takes every aspect of our physicality."


" There's a song that wants to sing itself through us, and we've just got to be available. Maybe the song that is to be sung through us is the most beautiful requiem for an irreplaceable planet or maybe its a song of joyous rebirth as we create a new culture that doesn't destroy its world.

But in any case, there's absolutely no excuse for making our passionate love for our world dependent on what we think of its degree of health, whether we think it's going to go on forever.

Those are just thoughts anyway. But this moment, you're alive. So you can just dial up the magic of that any time."

Garden photography is not just about taking a picture. And gardens are not just a collection of plants, but rather, living, breathing art. A tapestry of colors and textures interwoven with our own lives, and a powerful reminder of the shared spark that lies within all beings. There is something inherently poetic and beautiful about the way gardens evolve over time, and the lessons plants offer us open a doorway into culture and healthy living.

I find solace in coming into rhythm with nature. With my camera, each picture becomes a visual meditation, where as Joanna Macy describes a song can sing itself through me if I remain open to it. In those perhaps fleeting moments, I sense I am part of a much greater dance than I realize.

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