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Learning to Look Student Exhibit: Image

"Keep the sense of wonder in your heart... These pictures capture a beauty we can all appreciate and learn from."

~ Geordie Gude

"Remarkable photos - creative, full of life and activity, imagination, and fun! The energy is palpable. What a wonderful opportunity for the young artists!"

~ Richard Tripp

"The creativity is off the charts! Individually each photo is awesome, as a collection its breathtaking. I love the composition, expertly yet intuitively composed and displayed, and to spend time with each photo is such a delight. I just want to admire the photos forever. My eyes are so happy. Thank you!

~ Vistor

Learning to Look Student Exhibit: Quote

This gallery is private to the MV Public Charter School community and is password protected, so please email Melissa directly to request access.

Learning to Look Student Exhibit: Text
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